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Marine Transit Insurance

Marine Transit Insurance covers loss or damage to property whilst in transit by motor vehicle, train, ship or aircraft anywhere in Australia or the World depending on your needs. Transit Insurance can vary greatly between insurers and depending on your business but would usually cover any sort of accidental loss or damage to goods being transported (either by you or for you). We work with a number of parties on this including:


  • Carriers and Cartage Contractors 

  • Couriers 

  • Import/Export Firms

  • Freight Forwarding companies 

  • Online retailers sending goods to customers 

  • Manufacturers importing components 

  • Wholesalers

  • Dropshipping (Direct Exports from Manufacturer to End User) 

The list of occupations we work with are virtually endless and one of our Transit Insurance experts will be more than happy to help so 

please Contact us.

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