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How do you get a quote from us?

We believe in delivering the maximum value to everybody we work with. Whether you know it or not, even the simplest of insurance products can be very complex... it's our job to make this easy for you. 


We take the time to personally understand you, your business and the outcome you're looking to achieve which is why it's best for us to have a brief discussion, whether by email or phone so that we can start the process of getting you insurance cover like you've never had before. 


Please use our Contact Form or send us a message on the service below and we will look forward to working with you. 




There are some policies where we do have an electronic quoting system ( Personal Travel Insurance) - the links to these systems are below. 


Quick Quotes

This link will refer you to AIG Australia Pty Ltd’s Website .
In making this referral, we do not advise on the products and services AIG may provide to you, nor do we represent that AIG products and services are right for you. You need to make your own decision based on the information AIG provides If you decide to purchase any AIG product arising from the referral, we will receive a commission from AIG. A commission may also be paid on product renewals and variations. If you would like to know more, please ask us by calling  (07) 3380 7900


AIG Travel Insurance


Please Contact us for further details.

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