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Corporate Risk Management

The needs of large companies or corporate groups differ greatly to other businesses. The key focus of a corporate risk management program should be to intricately understand the exposures of the business and in particular, the level of risk that the board or management is comfortable with.  Deeper consideration is given to self-insurance strategies, risk avoidance, mitigation and insurance structure. We Specialize in designing a tailored program that will comply with the internal risk procedures of the business.  


We offer a number of services to large and corporate businesses:

Tenders for Insurance Consultancy Services (responses to RFP)

Comprehensive Insurance and Risk Management Program Reviews

Ongoing Insurance Advisory Services

Arrangement of valuations

Business Continuity Planning

Contract Reviews

Expert claims advice including appointment of external consultants

Open Market Lloyds Placements

Arrangement of Workers Compensation and Injury Management

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Industrial Special Risks
Business Insurance Group | Queensland | Insurance specialist

An Industrial Special Risks (ISR) policy is certainly capable of being the broadest Property and Consequential Loss Insurance policy available in the market. However, it takes a skilled adviser with an in-depth knowledge of how the policy operates to make it most effective and truly tailor it to your exposures.  The policy typically covers ‘all-risks’ which are not specifically excluded by the policy including fire, accidental damage, flood and any loss of revenue which flows from one of these insured events. Upwards of 600 bespoke endorsements can be added to the policy and when used correctly, they can provide the most comprehensive cover available.


We have advisers who are highly skilled in the area of ISR who use their expertise along with exclusive wordings, tools and software to ensure that you have the broadest possible cover. This policy is suited to larger or more complex property and consequential loss risks.


Please contact us today to discuss this cover or review your existing program.

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