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We believe in the future...

Which is why we take a keen interest in technological developments and make it our mission to work with forward-thinking companies of tomorrow. 

The risk and insurance needs of businesses which are new and exciting can often be uncertain for those running them. We apply our broad knowledge of risk management more generally to these specialised fields and we have a particular expertise in working with new and expanding companies, often identifying and managing risks they weren't aware of. 

We are able to engage with any business from traditional start-ups through to unique propositions. Below are some examples of the types of business we've worked with:

  • Greenfield start-ups 

  • Energy efficient technology companies 

  • Parts and innovation related to electrically powered motor vehicles 

  • Automation IT 

  • Robotic Engineering

  • 3D design and fabrication

  • Software development / engineering

  • Global expansion opportunities 

Contact us today to discuss how our insurance and risk management expertise can protect the future for your business of the future

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