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Storm season - are you prepared?

In the last week in Queensland things have begun to get noticeably sticky. On the back of extended periods of rain, we're now feeling the temperatures rise up. This can only mean one thing - storm season is nearly upon us.

Our friends at Vero Insurance have shared with us some of the biggest storm hot spots throughout Brisbane and the surrounding areas as well we some tips for how to best manage this difficult time of year. An excerpt from their article is below:

"Despite only a small number of severe weather events passing through south-east Queensland last storm season (October – February), our claims data revealed south Brisbane was the worst-affected region for storm-related claims (1,834). Greenbank, Forest Lake and Crestmead topped the list for the worst-hit suburbs on Brisbane’s southside, while Brisbane’s northside finished the season with only half the number of claims (954) as suburbs south of the river. The Sunshine Coast was next for total claims (1,761) followed by the Gold Coast (1,416). These statistics may be surprising given the small volume of memorable storms experienced last summer. Summer storms are a part of life for Queensland businesses which means every year we should be prepared. No two seasons are the same and our claims data shows that even low scale weather events can have a significant impact. Last year, a large proportion of storm claims caused were by wind or rain and businesses should prepare their properties now. Simple activities like removing debris from around their premises, cleaning gutters and trimming low-hanging branches can reduce possible storm damage. It’s also important clients update emergency kits and make sure their insurance policies are up to date. Here you’ll find some useful suggestions, tips and links to help you. We’ve also included some information about our claims processes should you or your clients need to make a claim during this period."

2017/18 south-east Queensland hotspots

Above all, leading into this busy period you need to be sure your insurance (including Business Interruption) is totally watertight (pun intended). If you would like us to conduct a free review, please Contact Us to discuss.

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